Probing 4 Probes tumblr paaaage

1 07 2011


I moved my blaaaag over to tumblr!  Also!  It looks like I can’t get the link to work, so just type it out, yo!


Please note that there is no “d” in my tumblr page!  Yer gonna want to follow me over there because I can add the Probes waaaaaay quicker!  You’ll be so happy!!!!



16 10 2009

Where did the time go?!

I’ve been workin’ on some of my own personal endeavors and have NOT been workin’ on this blog! 


Anyway.  No worries.

I’ve still got Probes.

Southside Residential Probe

Southside Residential Probe


We just moved downtown so no more of this!!!!  Unless you live on the southside and you let me sit on yer front porch and wait 4 the 4dprobes!!!

Festival Fun

13 07 2009


I would like to apologize for my hiatus!  With the 4th and all this summertime partying, I kind of lost track of my true love!

Here’s a little guy, hard to see, speedin’ into the city lights…

Go Speedracer!


Go!  Go!


This guy’s goin’ so fast, he’s ELECTRIC!!!!

Last one to the lakefront has to play Hanson while they cruise!!!

Summer Lovin’

29 06 2009
We'll be fallin' in looooove!

We'll be fallin' in looooove!


This guy has a girlfriend!  I  saw her!  They met at the pier for a date!!!

Let’s see what they’ve got at the concession stand!!

No, babe, it’s on me!!!


And the trunk is PACKED with pillow stuffing!!!!

For sleeping under the stars!!!



24 06 2009

I ran outta juice on my digital, so I had to use my man’s camera phone for these shots…

luvin' life



Looks like this guy LUVS racing due to his X-TREME SPOILER!  But he also luvs his babies!  Pickin’ up some Huggies on a Sunday afternoon!!  And probably a Mountain Dew while he’s waiting in line!

Tomm’s GT

17 06 2009

Hey Tomm!!!

I took a picture of yer car!!!




 I hope you don’t mind!!!

Run outta dough?

Run outta dough?

Do you know how I know it’s yer car, Tomm?





Why don’t you just put your license plate where it belongs?  Looks like there’s enough room!

Yer car looked so smoooooooooth until I got to the back!  What’s up, man?  Don’t love your Probe?

Too busy hanging out at the Bistro?


Birds of a feather…

15 06 2009

Wut uuuuuuuuuup!!!!

Remember this guy?

livin' in the fridge!


I do!!!

He’s the lead teller at the bank!!!


Well, check out his new hire!!!


“Where do you park around here?”

“Well, I park under the freeway.  10 hour meters.”

“Really?  Me too!  OMG!”

“What kind of car do you have?”

“A Ford Probe!”

“No way! Me too!!  Mine’s blue.  1989.”

“Mine is RED!  1989!  CRAZY!”

“Can you start Monday?”

match made in heaven


Their winking eyes mirror each other!!!